Interesting Facts about Azerbaijan

Interesting Facts about Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a land of many mysteries, but also of plenty of facts. See 10 interesting facts about Azerbaijan here!


The Land of Fire
Azerbaijan is often called the Land of Fire and there are several reasons why. The word ‘Azerbaijan’ literally means ‘protector of fire’; the country is abundant in oil and natural gas; it was a centre of fire worshipping and fire has always been one of the symbols of our capital, Baku, which today is reflected in the amazing Flame Towers.


Multicultural Azerbaijan
Once situated along the Great Silk Road , many peoples have passed through these lands, helping to shape the nation’s unique traditions of tolerance and hospitality. Today, Azerbaijan is a secular country where Sunni and Shia Muslims, Christians, Jews and many other small nations have been living in peace for centuries.


Women’s suffrage
1918-1920 was fascinating time in Azerbaijan, with the first republic (the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic) introducing a number of innovations. One of them was the decision to grant women suffrage in 1918, making Azerbaijan the first country to do so in the Muslim East, and even beating many Western countries to it.


Mud volcano capital
Azerbaijan is home to an amazing collection of about 350 mud volcanoes , many of which are found in a relatively small area around Baku and nearby areas of the Caspian Sea. It’s not surprising then that Azerbaijan is sometimes called ‘the mud volcano capital of the world’ – the ground here can indeed be messy, bubbling and explosive!


Oil achievements
Azerbaijan has a truly historic oil industry. In 1901 Baku’s oilfields were supplying over half the world’s oil, and during the Second World War accounted for approximately 75 per cent of oil produced in the Soviet Union. Baku oil therefore supplied the eastern front with the vast majority of the fuel that powered Soviet tanks and aircraft to victory.